This page is dedicated to everyone who helped build the Cops and Robbers: Next Generation Community. Thank you for supporting us, either by participating in the beta, donating to keep the server running, or simply by playing regularly and helping new players. Without you, this community wouldn't be the great place that it is today.



The server wouldn't be what it is today had it not been for teamwork and the involvement of multiple people with development skills. Here's the list of people who participated in shaping our server's gamemode from the developer aspect.

 • LexEric[HUN]MessedUpSmileySkimmer (Web Development)

CnR:NG Retired Admins

Once rule enforcers and crazy party hosts at CnR: Next Generation, these players have now stepped down and retired from the administration team in good standing. We list them here in recognition of their dedication, and on behalf of a grateful community.

l34shed Rensar • Lexchuppy zentar miss Orca austin Siljiilljimn Uche TijnoCarl2Snorkel2n!GelHamchilla Juusto Cristi.ROxenex • PacmanPirsom nyislandersfesantoscristiedge DustyFlop foz cr0sshairSigma1 •  GhostHunteR cessilkatsimat

CnR:NG Closed Beta Testers

We extend our thanks to all the players that joined us in the early days of the server development and provided valuable feedback during the Closed Beta period. These players helped shape what CnR:NG is today.

 • coliowned Alexi Ducati stepoop QNVN keshRRR evike KHattu foz Tank Zourth sai 
DustyFlop Chuky assassin  kagura KINDGUY odysseus 50centaur Tijno PatMueirech coLg8  kiko 
iapple. • JaiKundu • abod Camanis wizzy JustSwift xLazine matdb Lucas2231 DebugClient  dufuspaelli • 


CnR:NG Donating Players

Our special thanks to all the players who have donated to keep the server running for everyone to play and have fun. Thanks!

Special Thanks

The CnR: Next Generation would like to thank the following personalities: