Civilians playing as the Drug Dealer skill can grow their own drugs. Drug Dealers are able to carry more drugs in their inventory compared to other skills and can sell drugs to players. 

To grow drugs, you will need drug seeds. Drug seeds can be purchased at the Drug Den and General Stores. You can purchase XXX seeds at a time and a maximum of XXX seeds. You can also purchase other drug related items including a Drug Bag to store more drugs and a Drug GPS to locate your plants.

Drug den menu

Find an appropriate place to plant your drug seeds. You cannot plant your seeds near other checkpoints, water or other plants. The best places to grow drugs are at a secluded location so other civilians and law enforcement agents cannot steal your plants. 

You can plant your seeds using /plant. A small plant will appear with information about it's size in grams. You can see the information label on your plants from about 20 metres away. You can plant a maximum of XXX plants at any time. 

Planting drugs

Drug plants

Drug plants are vulnerable. They can be eaten by deer, attacked by hippies, harvested by other players, seized by law enforcement agents or die if they grow too large. 

To harvest your plant, stand in front of the plant and type /harvest. As the plant grows bigger, you will receive more drugs. A fully mature plant takes around XX minutes real time to grow, and will give you up to 200 grams of drugs.


if you are registered, your plants are saved at the same location when you quit the server. Your plants only grow when you are online.

To reap your rewards, sell your freshly grown drugs at the Drug Den or to civilians.

Drug Planting Commands:
/plant - Plants your seed at your location
/harvest (/harv) - Harvests your plants


Civilians are also able to create their own drugs by cooking them. To start cooking drugs, find a XXX (journey vehicle) and type /cook(?). You will need to remain seated in the passenger seat of the vehicle until your drugs have been successfully cooked.

Cooking drugs in vehicle

Cooking drugs in different vehicle

Alternatively, if you own a property, you can purchase a Drug Lab and cook drugs inside your property. To start cooking drugs in your property, type /cook.

Cooking drugs in house

Cooking drugs is a good way to quickly make drugs while evading the law and civilians who might want to steal your plants.