The Routine Patrol mission can be started from a police vehicle by any police officer. When the Patrol mission is started a certain amount of time will be given to reach a location. When you reach the destination, a bonus will be given as well as a new location to travel to. Reach all five checkpoints without the time running out and the mission will be completed.

To start a Routine Patrol Mission get into any police vehicle as a police officer, type /mission, and select "Routine Patrol Mission". The mission will start.

Routine Patrol Mission Checkpoint

As soon as the mission starts you'll receive the location that you have to travel to and your time will start running. Respond to each of the five locations before the time runs out. Every checkpoint gives you a bonus, with a completion bonus at the end. The faster you can respond the higher your time bonus will be as well.

Routine Patrol Finished

Type /cancel at any time during the mission to cancel it.

Routine Patrol Mission - Video