Feeling heroic? Willing to brave the intense heat and come out with no eyebrows? Join as a law enforcement agent and battle some fires! 

The Firefighter Mission can be started from any Fire Truck by a Paramedic. These can be found at any Fire Station all over Los Santos and Blaine County.

To start the Firefighter mission, get into a Fire Truck and you will see a list of fires to extinguish. Type /fire to select the closest fire to you or type /fire [id] to select a specific fire.

Follow the red line on your mini-map to the fire icon. Turn on your lights and sirens and drive to the location of the fire as quickly as you can. 

When you arrive at the mission location, you will see something on fire. You can extinguish the fire in 2 ways. You can remain in your Fire Truck, point the nozzle at the fire and spray water to extinguish the fire. Alternatively, you can exit your Fire Truck and point the handheld extinguisher at the fire to extinguish it. Your progress in extinguishing the fire will appear on your screen.   

Sometimes you might be asked to fight more challenging fires. 

Work as a team to fight the fire as fast as you can to get it under control. Be careful as fire can be extremely lethal. 

You will be rewarded once the mission is completed. Your reward will also depend on the number of firefighters extinguishing the same fire and the difficulty of the fire. 

Type /fire at any time during the mission to cancel it. You will not lose progress if you accidentally cancel the mission.