As you approach the shady lane, an inconspicuous individual shows you the goods and whispers "This is top quality Heroine for the ladies." 

The Drug Distribution Mission can be started as a civilian playing as the Drug Dealer skill. Type /mission or press M to start the mission. You will have 5 minutes to complete the mission.

Once you start the mission, you will receive instructions on your screen to deliver drugs to 5 locations on the map. Follow the yellow line on your mini-map to the yellow pills.

Drive through the yellow checkpoint to deliver the drugs for a payment. Your wanted level may increase if law enforcement agents are nearby. 

Deliver the drugs to the rest of your customers as fast as you can before the timer runs out. As you deliver drugs to your customers, be aware of law enforcement agents monitoring your wanted level. You will receive a reward if you successfully complete the mission. 

Type /cancel at any time during the mission to cancel it.