Fishing is one of the more relaxing ways to earn money! You can have deep and meaningful conversations with other players while you fish. As a civilian, use /fish near any body of water to start fishing. Civilians can also fish from a boat by pressing the Sub-Mission Key (2). You may also like to visit a Fishery to see which fish species are in season. You can sell all your fish caught at General Stores in the county or certain Restaurants shown with the following icon:

Similar to the Bonus Game, there is a Bonus Fish. The Bonus Fish is announced each game day and the first one to catch the species above a certain weight receives a large reward.

To increase your chances of catching fish, you can purchase Fishing Bait at a General Store. You can also purchase a Fish Cooler at General Stores to store more fish in your inventory. To fish legally and avoid a wanted level for fishing illegally, you can purchase a Fishing Licence at City Hall. These items may be removed if you are sent to jail. 

Fishing Tournaments

Fishing Tournaments are fishing events that randomly occur every couple of days, starting from 4:00 and ending on 20:00. You can type /fishinfo to check the status of fishing tournaments. The winner of the tournament gets a nice reward. 

There are quite a few different types of tournaments, which can include: 


Fishing Commands:
/fish - Begins fishing while on a boat.
/fishinfo (/finfo) - Displays your Fishing information, including permit information, fish caught and record fish
/fishinventory (/finv) - Displays a list of the fish you are currently carrying
/fishrecords (/fishrec) - Displays Fishing Records for the current city
/fishsellall (/fsellall) - To sell all your fish or a certain fish at a 24/7 or bait shop/fishthrow
/fishslap [nick/id] [fish] (/fslap, /fs) - Slaps another player with one of the fish you are carrying (randomly selected)
/fishthrow (/fishtb, /throwback) - Throws the last fish you caught back into the water