Contracted an unknown virus? Do you feel like you're about to die? A hospital is the place to get your ailments sorted with the latest 5g technology!

Hospitals offer different services like skin change, curing diseases and heal health. You can also purchase various items like condoms, adrenaline pills, first aid kits and surgical masks and can even get infected!

Public medics can refill their sale inventory from the hospital menu and offer services to other players.

You can find hospitals across the map with the following icon: hospital and Hospital mechanic checkpoints are shown with the icon:

Director's Office

Every real-life Saturday, Workers of the Week are chosen based on their total earnings during the week. Among them, there is a Hospital Director (paramedic) set in Pillbox Hill Hospital

The Hospital Director has few perks such as daily payout, free and non-credit use of the garage at the hospital, an unique star next to the nickname tag (cyan) and the ability to manipulate the Medical market rate.