Tired of working 9 to 5 in bridge architecture? Unhappy that Law Enforcement Agents get union benefits? Time for you to change career as a train driver! We are heavil unionised and only work 20 hours a day!   

The Train mission can be started as a civilian. To start, locate the green rail icon on your minimap. Type /mission to start the mission. 

Locate the yellow rail icon on your mini-map where you will find your train. Enter the train to start the mission.

You will receive instructions about your load and delivery location. Drive the train very carefully to your delivery location. Use W to accelerate and SPACEBAR to brake.

As you drive the train, pay very close attention to your speed and the train signals. For pedestrian and driver safety, speed limits apply on different sections of the map. 

Train signals may also be activated for safety reasons.

You may be penalised for exceeding the speed limit and disobeying the signals.

Deliver your cargo as fast as you can while driving the train at a safe speed and adhering to train signals. You will receive a reward for completing the mission.  

Type /cancel at any time during the mission to cancel it.