Looking for a way to make some quick bucks while you sleep behind the wheel? This dream mission might be right for you!

The Trucking Mission can be started as a civilian. To start, you will need to enter a truck and type /mission or press the Sub-Mission Key (2). You may choose to attach a trailer to your truck.  

Once you start the mission, you will be asked to drive to a location to pickup the delivery load. Follow the yellow lines on your mini-map to the truck icon. Drive into the red checkpoint to pickup the load.

After picking up the load, you will be given GPS coordinates to a delivery location on the map. Deliver the load to the location.

Once you arrive at the delivery location, drive into the red checkpoint to unload the cargo.

You will also receive bonuses based on how quickly you deliver the load and if you manage to finish the mission with the trailer still attached. 

Type /cancel at any time during the mission to cancel it.

Trucking Mission - Video