Power plants are places which supply electrical energy for the whole state of San Andreas. Due to its important duty, the final reward is bigger than other robberies. These locations are displayed on the map with an orange power icon:

There are two facilities, one plant is located at San Chianski Mountain Range, named Palmer-Taylor Power Station.

The other facility can be found at Vinewood Hills.

To begin the robbery, get in the security office and type /robbery. You must place 5 bombs around the facility, marked with checkpoints.

When you've placed the last explosive, head to the hideout to finish the robbery. Note that cops may enter the facility and deactivate the bombs before you get to the hideout, so be quick!

At the moment you arrive to the hideout, you will complete the robbery. If three or more bombs are not found the explosion will cause a city-wide blackout. All lights in the city will turn off and police radio communication will be temporarily disabled. If all bombs are deactivated by the police, you will complete the robbery without reward.