Welcome Cops and Robbers Next Generation. Below you find the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.). If you cannot find an answer to your question here, feel free to contact any CnR:NG Admin.

How do I get started?

You can find all the information on the hardware/software requirements to play, how to connect, and basic gameplay information here.

How can I appeal my ban?

You can post your ban appeals on the official CnR:NG Forums. Please note that if you have been banned for cheating you may not appeal your ban.

How do I navigate in-game?

You can find a complete list of CnR:NG locations in the "Places" page under the "Information" tab. You can also use the /gps command in-game that assists you in finding the locations you want to go to.

How do I change skin / skill?

When you initially spawn, you will be able to choose your skill from a list of skills for free. You can also pay a fee at City Hall to change your skill or visit the Hospital to change your skin. 

Cops cannot change to civilians at City Hall. You will have to visit the hospital and choose law enforcement skins from the menu. However, civilians also have the option to visit Police Departments and enlist as a "Temporary Cop".

Remember, most of the skills / missions are linked to the dynamically integrated CnR:NG market system. Player actions affect supply and demand within the game. Everything you do including selling drugs, trucking, fishing, etc. has a direct impact on the prices of good and services. You can use the /market command to view current market rates.

How do I earn score? How do I make money?

You can earn both money and score by carrying out the duties related to your skill. For example, you gain points for issuing tickets to suspects and arresting warrants as a cop. You can also earn points by picking up fares as a driver. Note that rewards vary from skill to skill. There are many ways to earn score and cash including missions and side jobs.

How do I save my progress?

If you are registered on our server, all the data related to your account will be automatically saved from time to time and when you disconnect. You can register an account using /register. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for your own account, do not disclose your password to anyone or enter your password in any phishing links that are touted as giveaways of any sort. Remember that admins never ask you for your password.

How do I see my stats?

You can see your stats in-game by using /stats. You can also use this command to see the stats of certain players by using /stats [player ID / username].

How do I report rule breakers?

If you notice someone breaking rules, you can report them by using /report [Player ID / username], this will alert all the admins in-game. Please keep in mind that admins can only deal with so many complaints at once. There is a chance that the complaint might be overlooked at times in-game, which is why we also have a complaints section board on the forums. You can gather proof by recording the consistent rule breakers, report them on the forums and the admins will look into it.

How do I submit suggestions?

Suggestions related to server or game play or new features can be submitted in our dedicated suggestions board on the forums.

Can I use mods in the server?

Texture overhaul mods are allowed in-game with a general consensus that they do not offer any unfair advantages over players who do not use them. However, scripts that provide an unfair advantage are forbidden and could result in a ban if you are caught using them. Talk to an admin if you have any questions.

How do I buy a house? What can I do with a house?

Houses are a major part of the CnR NG market. You can purchase houses directly from the bank (Prices vary depending on the current market - more info about /market in Skills section above) or from other players who set their houses for sale. You can store your inventory in the house, upgrade locks and give co-owner keys to other players in-game. Be careful who you are giving access to because they might be able to deposit and withdraw items in your house inventory.

You can also cook drugs inside your house - for that you need to buy a lab upgrade, but be careful when you cook drugs in your house because it will notify nearby cops. When you quit inside your house, you will also respawn inside when you rejoin next time. All houses come with dedicated parking spots where you can save and store your vehicle(s) and use it when you rejoin the game.

How do I donate? What do I get being a donator?

You can donate and help keep our server running and then fill the form here to claim your donator status. Please keep in mind that you are not entitled to any special treatment on the server or anywhere within the bounds of our community and the rules apply to everyone equally. As a token of appreciation for your support, you receive the following perks in-game:


Who are Admins and how do I become one?

So far, most administrators are players who have played CnR:NG for a long time, mainly from the SA-MP era. They follow the rules, help other players and actively engage with the community. Do NOT ask to be an admin. If you show admin qualities, we will find you.

Who are Beta Testers? How do I become one?

Beta Testers are players who played in our server during Closed Beta and helped us find bugs, improve gameplay quality and assisted our developers fine tuning the overall gameplay. The Beta Tester group is closed and not accepting applications.