To make sure we keep everything running smoothly, Cops and Robbers: Next Generation has a few basic rules.

1. Respect admins

Admins are there to make sure the game is fun for everyone. Don't insult the admins, respect their decisions and pay attention to what they say. Remember that they can't deal with everything. Trying to impersonate an admin will get you banned.

2. Respect others / No discrimination

CnR:NG is a welcoming environment and everyone playing just wants to have fun. Abusive behavior including but not limited to insults, stalking, intimidation, harassment, and hate speech will not be tolerated.

3. Third-party modifications

Any usage of trainers or code injection is subject to a ban without an appeal - cheating will not be tolerated. Mods that offer no advantage like graphic mods may be allowed. Confirm with an Admin first.

4. No exploiting bugs

If you come across a bug in-game, make a bug report topic on the forums (unless one is already made). If you are unsure, contact an Admin. Abusing the bug will lead to a ban.

5. One account per person

Do not share your account with anyone. Accounts are personal and non-transferable.

6. No advertising or spam

No advertising on the server, Forums or Discord channels. This includes but is not limited to websites, other servers, and Discord invites.

7. No deathmatching or random killing

This is not a deathmatch server. You may defend yourself and fight back if you are under attack. You are allowed to use scripted attacks against players. However, you are not allowed to randomly attack or kill players using physical attacks (unarmed, weapons, vehicles). When in doubt, check the /revenges command - it is the main guideline. Only felons in an active crew robbery are allowed to shoot at cops that are chasing them.

8. Hit contract usage

Hit Contracts follow the same ruleset as the "No Deathmatching" rule. It is the alternative to physically attacking someone. If you place a hit contract, you have agreed to let someone else deal with it - you are not allowed to attack your own hit unless it's self defense.

If a hit contract on a player gets completed or ends up expiring, you are not allowed to replace the hit.

9. Cops: Don't attack innocent civilians or teamkill

Police Officers are not allowed to attack other law enforcement officers (blue/light blue) or innocent civilians (white/green).

For more extensive rules for the Police, read Police Rules

10. No quitting to avoid anything

Do not quit to avoid an attack, arrest, hit contract, robbery or punishment.

Server Rules Last Update: 09 September 2023
We are an international community. You may speak any language you want however, the main language is English.