City Hall is found in Burton and is heart of CnR NG. Drop by to purchase many essential goods and services from the secretary including Life Insurance, Skill Changes and Licences. You can also apply for Welfare Checks and deal with Tax related matters. City Hall draws all players to socialise and trade with each other.  

City Halls are displayed on the map using the following icon:  CH

City Hall

Another City Hall can be found in Paleto Bay, inside the Police Department building.

City Council

Every real-life Saturday, Workers of the Week are chosen based on their total earnings during the week. Among them, there are 5 City Council Members (civilians) which are listed below:


Each City Council member owns a personal office, located inside City Hall in Burton


These offices have numerous perks such as: 

• Unique star next to the nickname tag (white)

• Taxes significantly lowered, ranging from 20% to 70% depending on the "prestige" of the office

• Mayor: ability to upgrade or downgrade Insurance and Finance market rate

• Other civilian departments: ability to upgrade or downgrade respective markets: Transportation market, Fish and Meat markets, Drug market, Arms market

• Most Wanted level for killing a Worker of the Week