As a disappearer, you help felons (or yourself) to disappear from the radar and start over with new identity. This perk will also get rid of Manhunt status when issued.
Skill specific commands:
/disappear - Offer services
/vanish [Player name / ID] - Allows you start the process of vanishing your clients.
/vanishme - Allows you disappear yourself from the radar.
/kidnap - Kidnaps your clients.

*Note: This skill is still in its very early phase of development, there could be tweaks and new features added to it in future.


As a driver, you can transport goods in a truck or taxi people around the map. You can also choose if you wish to transport dangerous goods on a truck. Skill specific mission(s) can be accessed from the interaction menu (/skillmenu).
Skill specific commands:
/taxi - To go on duty as a taxi driver and receive pickup calls from other players.

Drug dealer

As a drug dealer, you can produce, sell and distribute drugs. You can also sell drug production items to civilians. Distributing drugs is an illegal activity and can cause your wanted level to increase if there's a cop in vicinity. You can also cook drugs in your house or in van: refer to the Growing and Cooking Drugs page for more details. Skill specific mission(s) can be accessed from interaction menu (/skillmenu) or by pressing M.
Skill specific commands:
/sell - Offer drugs to other players.
/prices - Set the prices for your product.
/plant - Plant drug seeds.
/harvest - Harvest a fully grown plant.
/produce - You can cook drugs in a Van.
/deal - Sell drugs to NPCs in the vicinity


As a fisher, having mastered the fishing skill, you have a higher chance of catching fish.
Skill specific commands:
/fish - To start fishing.


As a weapons dealer, you can refill weapon credits from ammunation or weapon caches and sell weapons to players. Skill specific mission(s) can be accessed from interaction menu (/skillmenu) or by pressing M.
Skill specific commands:
- Shows a weapon cache on the mini-map. Locate caches to refill sell inventory items that you cannot purchase at Ammunation.
/prices - Set prices for the products in your inventory.
/sell - Sell items to other players.
/sellinv - Change the prices of items in your inventory.


You are a bounty hunter, you kill players with bounties on their heads by tracking down their location. Skill specific mission(s) can be accessed from interaction menu (/skillmenu) or by pressing M.
Skill specific commands:
 /hits - To see the list of hit contracts.


As a paramedic, you can offer services to sick and injured and heal them and also can heal yourself. Paramedics can refill their inventory from any hospital. Paramedics are part of the public service and they can respond to fires as well as rescuing people who have died. Skill specific mission(s) can be accessed from interaction menu. (/skillmenu). Paramedics must follow the paramedic rules
Skill specific commands:
/cpr - Revives a dead player if they have called for help.
/fires - Lets you respond to fire emergencies.
/healme - Allows you to heal yourself. 
/prices - Set prices for your services.
/rescues - Lets you respond to rescues to revive players who died.
/sell - Offer services to other players.

Paramedics who earn the most money throughout the week will become the Paramedic of the Week (/wotw). The Paramedic of the week gains additional perks including free and non-credit use of the garage menu at Pillbox Hill Hospital as well as the ability to upgrade or downgrade the medical market rate. Paramedic of the week resets at the end of each real-life week.

Police Officer

Police officers must protect the city and its civilians from crime. They can issue tickets to suspects (yellow) and well as tracking down and arresting felons (orange) and felons with manhunt issued (red). Skill-specific mission(s) can be accessed from the interaction menu (/skillmenu) or by pressing M. Police officers must follow the police rules.
Skill specific commands:
/arrest - Arrest a warrant in range.
/ticket - Issues a ticket to suspects, you must stay within range to be able to collect tickets once issued.
/felons - Displays list of all felons (orange).
/suspects - Displays list of all suspects (yellow).
/manhunt - Displays list of all felons with manhunt status (red).
/cm - Sends a message to all police officers.
/vc - Reports visual contact of the suspect, notifying all police officers over the radio.
/backup - Requests police backup at your current location.
/respond - Responds to the last call.
/spikestrip (/ss) - Lets you deploy spike strip to immobilize fleeing warrants' vehicle.


As a prostitute, their only job is to keep people entertained and satisfy their needs.
Skill specific commands:
/sell - Offer your services to other players.


As a thief, you excel at crime. Thieves are considerably better at robberies compared to other skills.
Skill specific commands:
/rob - Robs valuables from players.