The following rules must be followed by all Police Officers.

1. Do not attack innocent civilians. (White/green)

Police Officers are not allowed to attack Innocent Civilians and Drivers on Duty as they are law-abiding citizens.

2. Do not attack other peace officers. (Blue/cyan)

Police Officers are not allowed to attack other Police Officers or Paramedics. No exceptions.

3. Do not shoot suspects (Yellow)

Do not attack Suspects unless they attack you first. Shoot only in self-defense!

4. arresting felons is a priority (Orange)

Police Officers are required to arrest Felons. You are allowed to shoot at a felon's vehicle to stop them from fleeing.

5. Use of deadly Force

Police Officers may only use deadly force if a felon is actively Resisting Arrest (Red Star).

6. Cops do not work with civilians or paramedics

Police Officers are not allowed to assist civilians or engage in any criminal activities. Police Officers may only team up with other police officers.