The following rules must be followed by all Police Officers and Paramedics.

1. Do not annoy or otherwise attack innocent civilians. (White)

Innocent civilians white/green are law-abiding citizens and are not to be disturbed.

2. Do not attack other law enforcement officers. (Blue)

No blue-on-blue. Other police officers (blue) and paramedics (light blue) are your allies in the field. Work as a team and treat them properly.

3. Do not shoot suspects (Yellow)

Do not attack suspects (yellow) unless they attack you.

4. Takedowns are last resort

Police Officers are expected to arrest felons. You are allowed to shoot at a felon's (orange) vehicle to stop them from fleeing. You may also shoot at felons if they are a direct threat to your life. Takedowns are to be used as a last resort.

Do not shoot surrendering felons, unarmed felons that are on foot or felons swimming in the water already being chased by another swimming/boating officer.

5. Shoot only in self-defense

In situations not listed above, shoot only in self-defense.

6. Cops do not work with civilians

Law enforcement officers are not allowed to assist civilians or engage in any criminal activities.