"Wait didn't I shoot Rudolph 5 seconds ago? Why are there 10 more? Oh god, there's even more now!" 

The Hunting Mission can be started as a civilian or a law enforcement officer. Civilians can start the mission without a hunting licence. Law Enforcement Officers MUST have a Hunting Licence in order to hunt. You can purchase a Hunting Licence at City Hall. 

To start, go to the deer icon at Lago Zancudo off Route 68. Enter the checkpoint and type /mission. Make sure you have sufficient weapons and ammunition to complete the mission.

Deer will appear in the wilderness with a red arrow to help you locate them. Your objective is to kill as many deer as possible within 2 minutes.  

At the completion of the mission, you will receive a reward. You will also keep all the deer hides from hunting which you can sell at a shop. 

Type /cancel at any time during the mission to cancel it.

Hunting Mission - Video