Getting Started

To get started the first thing you will need is a legitimate copy of GTA V. You can get this on Steam, Rockstar Warehouse, Epic Games Store, or any other physical copy will do. Just be sure the game is fully up to date.

Next, you will need to install FiveM. For this head to the FiveM website and download the latest version of the client. Just run through the installer.

Now comes the fun part, connecting to the server. You can do this simply by clicking the "Connect" button at the top right of this page. Your browser may ask permission to launch FiveM. You must allow this for the game to be able to start.

Connecting to the Server

To connect to the server, you may use one of the links below:

DIRECT LINK (FiveM) - Click Me

You can also paste the below command into the FiveM console (F8):

connect 7jjblr


It's possible to create a direct shortcut anywhere on your PC to run FiveM and connect to CnR:NG. To do this, right-click anywhere where you'd like to create this shortcut and select New > Shortcut.

New Shortcut

In the window that appears, paste the following line in the text field, changing "server:port" into the server and port respectively:

%localappdata%\FiveM\FiveM.exe +connect 7jjblr

Give the shortcut a name and that's it! Using the shortcut you just created should launch FiveM and immediately get you connected to CnR:NG.

The Rules

Before you join and do anything, be sure to read our Server Rules. We expect every player to know them and follow them.

In-game colors

Police / Law Enforcement

Police officers have a duty to keep the streets safe from criminals. That includes issuing tickets to suspects (Yellow), arresting felons (Orange) and taking down felons on Manhunt (Red). Officers are authorized to use firearms on fleeing felons. However, they are still expected to always arrest when possible. A lot of crimes are only reported when a police officer is nearby, so it's their job to patrol the city. Some major crimes will always be reported by the Police Radio, think of robberies or 911 calls. These reports will tell them where a crime is happening and who is involved.

Working as a team greatly enhances your chances of catching suspects. Having a shooter might make the chase easier, so if you have trouble arresting players on your own be sure to call for /backup or get a teammate to join you.

Besides this, law enforcement officers can also do missions such as the Police Patrol Mission. Doing all these things will make them money and earn them credits. These credits can be spent at any police station to get weapons and armor.

Wanted suspects can also offer bribes, which cops can accept or refuse. Cops however don't work with criminals, nor are they allowed to play with them or assist them in any way. 


Job duties differ depending on which Skill you choose. This will give them an advantage in certain aspects but will not limit them in what they can do. Have a look at the Skills page for a list of the available skills with detailed information. Civilians have a lot of different activities available to them and they receive money and points for completing game activities.

Civilians can choose to be law-abiding citizens or become some of the most notorious criminals. Stealing cars, selling drugs, robbing people or stores will all increase the wanted level of a civilian. If this wanted level gets high enough, a warrant will be issued for their arrest. Getting caught will land them in jail!

Basic Gameplay

We recommend you have at least some experience playing GTA V before hopping on CnR:NG. Just so you have a grasp of the basic functionalities of the game. Some controls are unique to FiveM. To get into a vehicle as a passenger for example you use, press G.

Most of the game information is displayed in the chatbox (top left) and commands are entered in the chatbox. To chat or enter a command, press T enter your chat or a /command and press Enter. The / prefix indicates a command. Most of the commands are similar to their name. To attempt to rob a player for example, type /rob in the chatbox.

We've also implemented a frequently asked questions commands to help you in-game: /faq.