# Username Score Connect Time (Hr:Min) Total Distance (KM) Total Sex Times Healed People Flipped Off Killhouse Kills Killhouse Deaths Adrenaline Pills Used Properties Purchased Goldrushes Found Skin Changes Skydives Rubies Found
# Username Total Arrests Total Takedowns Total Takedown Assists Tickets Issued Tickets Collected Bribes Offered Bribes Accepted Top Cop Work Cop Of The Day Awards Visual Contact Reports Spike Strips Deployed Spike Strip Success Police Credits Earned Police Credits Spent Solo Arrests
# Username Kills Total Crimes Wanted Levels Gained Times Arrested Time In Jail (Min:Sec) Jail Visits Failed Escape Attempts Escapes Failed Breakout Attempts Breakouts Tickets Received Tickets Paid Flash Kills Piss Kills Fish Slap Kills Insult Kills Cough Kills Times Vanished Spike Strips Hit Times Resisted Arrest Surrender Arrests Bribes Offered (Sus) Bribes Accepted (Sus) Store Robberies Bennys Heists Life Invader Heists Local Bank Robberies Main Bank Robberies House Robberies Game Slap Kills
# Username People Healed Cars Stolen Cars Sold Bonus Cars Sold People Robbed Diseases Transmitted Sex Sold Sex Offered Driver Pickups Hits Collected Drugs Sold (g) Weapons Sold Tips Received Kidnaps Fish Caught Biggest Fish (lb) Fish Tournament Wins Fish Sold Deer Hide Sold Game Hunted Biggest Game (lb) Hunting Tournament Wins Hunting Kill Distance (m) Game Sold Truck Deliveries Smuggling Deliveries Drug Missions Assassination Missions Taxi Missions Disappearing Offers People Vanished Air Delivery Missions Deer Hunting Missions Deer Hunting Mission Record Deer Hunting Deer Killed Patrol Missions Domestic Disturbance Missions Cash Collection Missions Paramedic Missions Paramedic Mission Record Paramedic Mission Patients Saved Fires Extinguished Fires Extinguished (%) Top Medic Work Top Hitman Work Top Salesman Work Top Driver Work Top Trucker Work Top Fisherman Work Player Of The Day Awards Worst Player Of The Day Medic Of The Day Awards Hitman Of The Day Awards Salesman Of The Day Awards Driver Of The Day Awards Trucker Of The Day Awards Fisherman Of The Day Awards Home Delivery Missions Prisoner Transport Missions Train Delivery Missions Grand Theft Auto Missions Rescued Players
# Username Cash Earned ($K) Cash Spent ($K) Taxes Paid ($K) Bail Paid ($K) Cars Sold Cash ($K) Player Robbery Cash ($K) Cash Robbed From ($K) Sex Sold Cash ($K) Sex Purchased Cash ($K) Driver Made ($K) Driver Paid ($K) Cash From Bribes ($K) Cash Spent On Bribes ($K) Hits Collected Cash ($K) Drugs Sold Cash ($K) Drugs Purchased Cash ($K) Weapons Sold Cash ($K) Weapons Purchased Cash ($K) Items Purchased Cash ($K) Items Sold Cash ($K) Ransom Collected Cash ($K) Ransom Paid Cash ($K) Truck Deliveries Cash ($K) Lotto Wins Cash ($K) Smuggling Cash ($K) Vehicle Purchase Cash ($K) Goldrush Cash ($K) Fish Sold Cash ($K) Deer Hide Sold Cash ($K) Game Sold Cash ($K) Store Robbery Cash ($K) Bennys Heist Cash ($K) Life Invader Heist Cash ($K) Local Bank Robbery Cash ($K) Main Bank Robbery Cash ($K) Home Delivery Cash ($K) House Robbery Cash ($K) Ruby Hunting Cash ($K) House Robbery Cash ($K) Ship Robbery Cash ($K) Warehouse Robbery Cash ($K) Power Plant Robbery Cash ($K) Jewelry Store Robbery Cash ($K) Dice Spent ($K) Dice Won ($K)
# Username Piss Total People Pissed On People Coughed On Fart Total People Flashed Sex Purchased Sex Offered To Drugs Taken (g) Drugs Purchased (g) Weapons Purchased Items Purchased Plants Planted Plants Harvested Times Wanked Off People Wanked Off On People Fish Slapped Drug Cooks Completed Drugs Cooked (g) People Game Slapped
# Username Deaths Times Killed Disease Deaths Flash Deaths Hit Deaths Fish Slap Deaths Drug Cook Deaths Fireman Mission Deaths Animal Deaths Nuclear Explosion Deaths Hand Of God Deaths Explosive Cargo Deaths Alcohol Poisoning Deaths Bird Bite Deaths Undetonated Bomb Deaths Execution Deaths Drug Overdose Deaths Ped Deaths Insult Deaths Cough Deaths Piss Deaths Game Slap Deaths Robbery Shootout Deaths
# Username Times Robbed Times Coughed On Total Diseases Times Pissed On Times Flashed Hits On You Times Kidnapped Times Flipped Off Times Wanked Off On Times Fish Slapped Times Game Slapped
# Username Total Flights Distance By Foot (KM) Distance By Vehicle (KM) Distance By Air (KM) Hits Placed Tips Given Kidnap Escapes Drinks Purchased Lotto Wins Vehicles Purchased Times Purchased Clothes Clothes Purchased ($K) Times Prayed Tips Cash Given ($K) Tips Cash Received ($K) Weapon Mods Purchased Weapon Mods Purchased ($K) Vehicle Mods Purchased Vehicle Mods Purchased ($K) Peds Murdered Vehicle Boosts Purchased Vehicle Boosts Used Food Purchased Time Trials Finished Home Deliveries Ordered Home Deliveries Ordered ($K) Welfare Checks Received Time Trials Started Pumpkins Found 2021 Admin Gifts Received Reindeer Captured 2021 Presents Found 2021 Christmas Trees Visited 2021 Santa Gifts Given 2021 Pumpkins Found 2022 Zombies Killed 2022 Easter Eggs Found 2022 Easter Bunnies Caught 2022 Presents Found 2022 Reindeer Captured 2022 Christmas Trees Visited 2022 Santa Gifts Given 2022 Easter Eggs Found 2023 Easter Bunnies Caught 2023 Demonic Possessions 2023 Pumpkins Found 2023 Zombies Killed 2023