Admins are players that have been around the block for a long time. While nobody is perfect and everyone is subject to make mistakes, the admins always want the best for the server - otherwise they would not be part of the Admin Team. If you believe you have been mistreated by an Admin you may report them below. Admin reports are taken very seriously by the CnR:NG Management Team.

The form below is for players to submit admin abuse or misconduct reports. Please keep in mind that reports are sent to all Senior and Head Admins for internal evaluation. Admin reports are handled internally so while you may not be directly informed about the outcome, you can be sure that all reports are carefully assessed by Senior and Head Admins, and action will be taken, if appropriate.

We may need to contact you for more details about your case, so please make sure to include your in-game name and your Discord Name#ID so we can easily reach out to you.

If you have a valid Admin report please fill in the form below with as much detail as possible. Please make sure you have enough evidence to support your report.

Thank you,
The CnR:NG Team