Version 1.6 Released

4 months ago

Hello everyone and we hope you are doing well!

It is time for the first version release of 2022:

CnR:NG Version 1.6 - Changelog

Version 1.6 highlights are below.

New Features

Proximity Voice Chat

A much-requested feature by many players has finally made it to CnR:NG - Proximity Voice Chat! 
Make sure to check your /settings (as well as GTA V settings) to enable it.
Please keep in mind that Server Rules still apply in voice chat, so be mindful of your attitude.

Checkpoint/Menu Interactions

Menus on checkpoints no longer open automatically by default. Use the Vehicle Horn key (Default: "E") to open checkpoint menus. You may enable the automatic opening of menus via /settings if you wish to do so.

Reworked /respond

Responding to calls is now more immersive allowing the player to select which call they wish to respond to. Priority calls (Heists & Bank Robberies) are listed in RED. Responding to other officers' backup requests will track them automatically now.

Breaking into properties

Successful property break-ins will break the door. The door will stay broken for 5 minutes. During this time, any player may enter the house. Police Officers may only break into a property if a felon or suspect is inside and the same door-breaking mechanic applies. If the property has a Super-Lock, the break-in chances are significantly reduced, but upon success, there is a small chance of the Super-Lock breaking. If that happens, the Super-Lock will need to be purchased again.

Gameplay Changes

Police Rules Update

The Police Rule #4 has been updated. Make sure to read it at: Police Rules or in-game with /prules.

4. Takedowns are last resort
Police Officers are expected to arrest felons. You are allowed to shoot at a felon's (orange) vehicle to stop them from fleeing. You may also shoot at felons if they are a direct threat to your life. Takedowns are to be used as a last resort.
Do not shoot surrendering felons, unarmed felons that are on foot or felons swimming in the water already being chased by another swimming/boating officer.

Gameplay Balancing

- Some areas will no longer allow weapons in them (Mission Row PD, City Hall, and Regular Players Club)
- Added location kick timer if a player has hit contract at any of the no-weapon areas
- Current weapon will be saved upon vehicle entry and restored after exit (SA-MP style)
- Using the minimal property blip mode you will still get updates on important property updates (felons/suspects inside, for example)
- Maximum Jail Time reduced from 5 to 4 minutes
- Players may now carry up to 3 Life Insurances
- Properties will now be automatically sold due to inactivity after 30 days instead of 14
- Lotto prize has been increased to $5 Million

Other Stuff:

- You can now sell drugs to pedestrians using /deal
- New Regular Players Club location
- Added new Siege locations
- Added Siege stats
- Most cooldowns will now show how long you need to wait
- Fixed Spike Strips
- Many siege-specific bug fixes


Admin Reports

We have enabled a form for players to report Admin behavior and misconduct to Senior and Head Admins.

To access the form: CnR:NG website -> Community Menu -> Meet the Team -> Admin Report


For full changelog details please visit the forums or type /changelog in-game. 

Thank you for the continued support and have fun!

- The CnR:NG Team