Version 2.0

1 year ago

Hello there!

We're delighted to announce that Version 2.0 is now live on the server! Our development team has worked incredibly hard to bring you our biggest update yet. With multiple new features, a huge skill rework, and an incredible amount of bug fixes and QoL changes, we are incredibly excited to share this update with you.

Please read below the changelog highlights.

CnR:NG Version 2.0 - Changelog

New Features

Paramedic skill

We have completely redesigned the Paramedic skill. Paramedics now play a more "neutral" role in the game mode. They can be recognized by their new cyan color in-game.

  • Removed all law enforcement officer powers, including arrest, ticket, visual contact, bribes, etc.
  • New player death screen
  • Player rescue feature! Players can choose to wait for a Paramedic and save their Life Insurance policy
  • Added separate Hospital Garages for Paramedics only. Paramedics may not use Police Garages and vice versa.
  • Added Pillbox Hill hospital interior
  • Paramedics may now sell life insurance policies and cure diseases
  • Adrenaline Pills can only be sold by Paramedics (the only healing item that heals 100% health and cures diseases)
  • Important: New Paramedic Rules /medicrules, /mrules - Paramedics are only allowed to team up with other Paramedics.

Workers of the Week

Feeling competitive? Workers of the Week is a new feature that you’ll surely enjoy! Every real-life week (starting next week on April 7, 2023), there will be 5 Council Members (Civilians), 1 Hospital Director (Paramedic), and 5 Commissioners (Police Officers). Workers of the Week are chosen every real-life Saturday at 20:00 UTC. Use the /wotw command to see the list of Workers of the Week!

  • Mayor's Office: chosen based on total cash earned the previous real-life week
  • Department of Transportation: based on total cash earned in the transportation industry
  • Department of Environment: based on total cash earned on fishing, hunting, and ruby hunting
  • Department of Waste Management: based on total cash earned on hit contracts and drug dealing
  • Department of Public Safety: based on total cash earned on gunrunning

Personal Office:

  • Each Worker of the Week owns a personal office. For Police Officers of the week: Commissioner's offices at Mission Row Police Station, Davis Police Station, La Mesa Police Station, Sandy Shores Sheriff's Office, and Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office; for the Paramedic of the week: Director's office at Pillbox Hospital; for Council members: offices at City Hall - all marked by a label next to the doors.
  • There is a daily payout to be collected every in-game day. The payout depends on the "prestige" of the office. For Police Stations: the number of arrests in a given Police Station jurisdiction; and for Civilians: other players' activities in the industry, including taxes paid for the Mayor, cash made in transportation, fishing, hunting, hit contracts, drugs, and gunrunning.

Other Perks:

  • A unique star next to the nickname tag (white, blue, and cyan)
  • Taxes significantly lowered, ranging from 20% to 70% depending on the "prestige" of the office
  • Cops of the week: free and non-credit use of garage menu at the respective Police Station
  • Paramedic of the week: free and non-credit use of garage menu at Pillbox Hill hospital, ability to upgrade or downgrade Medical market rate
  • Mayor: the ability to upgrade or downgrade Insurance and Finance market rate
  • Most Wanted level for killing a Worker of the Week
  • Other civilian departments: the ability to upgrade or downgrade respective markets: Transportation market, Fish and Meat markets, Drug market, Arms market

Dynamic Jail System 

We have added 7 new Police Station interiors across the map and assigned each Police Station jurisdiction.

  • Arrested felons will be sent to the nearest Police Station based on their arrest location
  • Death Row inmates, Recaptured Escaped Felons (Jailbreaks) will be sent to the Bolingbroke Penitentiary
  • Most Wanted Felons (Wanted Level 10) that have killed at least one Peace Officer will have increased chances of being sent to the Bolingbroke Penitentiary. The chance is increased for each Peace Officer Murder.

Character Customization Overhaul 

A long-awaited feature has finally been added. The character customization has been completely overhauled.

  • Plastic Surgery for Hospitals: Players may now fully customize their characters' heritage (parents, base face shape) bone structures, and facial features (skin blemishes, aging, sun damage, etc.)
  • Added Barber Shops: Players can customize their hair, facial hair, contact lenses (eye color), face paints, makeup, and more
  • Added Tattoo Shops (Tattoos will be implemented at a later date)

New Skin Selection 

  • Reworked the menu for skin selection for a better user experience, and hopefully, no more Aliens!
  • Added several new Paramedic and Police Officer skins (Special thanks to @DustyFlop)

Online Players Map 

Do you remember using your second monitor to keep track of other players' movements on the server prior to a robbery back in the day? Well, now you can! Special thanks to @jinnosuke and the @webteam for this amazing external resource.

Please visit the below website for the Online Players Map:

Gameplay Changes

Gameplay Balancing

  • New Police and Paramedic Rules /policerules, /medicrules - Please make sure to read them!
  • Resisting Arrest grants arrest immunity while actively resisting. Felons no longer need to keep hitting police officers to trigger the arrest immunity (the old 3-second immunity per hit system).
  • Police Officers may only take down felons that are actively Resisting Arrest (Red Star).
    • Resisting Arrest times: Killing a Peace Officer: +1 minute, Killing a Civilian: 45 seconds, Attacking a Peace Officer: +15 seconds
  • Felons that are taken down while not Resisting Arrest will receive an unfair death but will be sent to jail.
  • Surrendering felons that are taken down will receive an unfair death and respawn in the city. Felons may not surrender while resisting arrest.
  • We have improved the logic for unintentional Cop DM, and it will hopefully decrease its occurrence.
  • Arrest animation can now be canceled after 1 second.
  • Completely reworked vehicles' dynamics: vehicle health, damage, and performance. Primary balancing has been done in that regard (e.g., slightly buffed Nokota, slightly nerfed Annihilator).
  • Decreased Death Row fees by ~20%
  • Fixed a few hit contract system bugs (attacking own hit, canceling the hit contract, messages, adjusted canceling range, etc.)
  • Lowered chances of randomly dying from store owner while performing the basic general store robbery
  • Balanced the amount of health healed from items (e.g., /donut, /medkit)
  • Added Heavy Revolver Mk II for drive-by, reviewed all the weapons available for drive-by
  • Removed spike strips from vehicles that should not be able to use them (mainly planes and boats)
  • Added countermeasures to /trunk and /hood abuse - the trunk and hood will now close automatically (or fall off) if the speed becomes too high
  • Tweaked certain kidnapper success/fail chances and mechanics, and added additional checks. No more indefinite kidnapping.
  • Increased payouts for arrests ($15000) and tickets ($5000). Arrests and tickets outside the main Los Santos will now pay double.

Other Stuff:

  • Added Admin helpline: Got a question? Have no fear, if the question isn't very basic or you want to talk to the admin team directly, use /question or /helpme - Please continue to use /report for Player Reports.
  • Added chat filter: a friendly reminder to players not to use racial slurs as these are against the server rules
  • Added vehicle name and type print in the bottom-right corner. Civilian vehicles show in white name and police in blue. Our own custom vehicles have custom names!
  • Voice Chat volume now slowly (discreetly) adapts (fades in/out) based on distance from the talker
  •  Added auto-hide (dynamic) option for the kill list visibility. Check /settings
  • New design of /hits and /closest list menu (order, color, more information)
  •  Added new commands: /ride, /corpsedance (/cdan), /bitchslap (/bslap)
  • Tweaked boost system a bit, added light trails, and forced sync between clients so fires from the exhaust are visible
  • Adjusted tax summary window: made a clean new design for better readability
  • Reworked in-game messages containing helpful information logic to suit new players better
  • Fixed a bug where giving vehicle keys to someone could still increase their wanted level
  • Blocked a potential Musket-reload abuse technique
  • Fixed a bug in the arrest system where a dead cop had a small chance of arresting another player
  • Fixed some bugs regarding rescue mission mechanics
  • Added measures against "player is already connected" bug


We will be monitoring these balance changes closely over the next week and act accordingly if needed. You may type /changelog in-game to see the change log at any time. Please make sure to check our Roadmap to stay up to date on what is planned for the upcoming versions.

Thank you and have fun!

- The CnR:NG Team