Version 1.9 is here!

1 year ago

Hello everyone and happy weekend!

Version 1.9 is released and the long-requested player-owned Garages feature is now available!

CnR:NG Version 1.9 - Changelog

New Features

Player-owned Garages

  • We have added 20 new garages around the map for players to store and display their collections!
  • Garages have different parking slots: 2 slots, 3 slots, 6 slots, 10 slots, and 15 slots!
  • The garage prices are based on the garage location (and its surroundings) and the parking slot capacity
  • Owned garages may have up to 5 co-owners

As a bonus, we are giving 75% discount to all players on their first purchase of any 2 parking slot garage. 

Reworked Robberies and Payouts

  • The back-end logic for all robberies was redesigned completely. This will allow us to further improve and add new robberies in the future.
  • We have applied new and dynamic formulas to all robbery payouts (amount of cops and players online, distance to robbery hideout, difficulty, overall payouts, etc.)
  • Stay tuned for the upcoming rework on the score rewards soon!

Changes to Resisting Arrest and Surrendering 

You are marked as Resisting Arrest when:

  • You kill a civilian (lasts for 30 seconds)
  • You kill a law enforcement officer (lasts for 45 seconds)
  • You damage/attack a law enforcement officer as a felon (lasts for 7 seconds)
  • All of the above is refreshed if the felon repeats the action


  • Players may only surrender if they are NOT Resisting Arrest
  • Surrendering lasts 30 seconds, during this time you are frozen in the animation allowing cops enough time to arrest you
  • Increased punishment for cops that kill a surrendering felon

Gameplay Changes

Gameplay Balancing

  • New Loading Screen by jinnosuke
  • New City Hall interior
  • New CnR:NG Radio Studio interior
  • New Police vehicles by DustyFlop: Dual-purpose Buffalo STX, Dual-purpose Granger 3500XL, Enforcer (SWAT Truck), and Ambulance
  • Annihilator: weapons enabled (with corresponding nerfs), vehicle aerodynamics slightly modified
  • Removed MG, Combat MG, and Combat MG Mk2 from arms caches
  • New fish added, new fishslap and gameslap mechanics including animation, damage based on fish size, range, and line of sight
  • Reworked weapon license conditions - weapons seized on death row, 50% of ammo kept when arrested with a valid weapon license 
  • Removed auto-kick from no-weapon zones when a hit contract is active, instead, players will slowly lose health
  • Apartment/House garages can only store up to 3 vehicles instead of 5

Other Stuff:

  • Reworked and optimized vehicle customization menu a bit, added tire smoke
  • Added animations and adjusted cooldowns to healing methods (for paramedics as well)
  • No enlisting as temporary cop if you're on a death row
  • Added DJ information (moving OST) on your HUD when you tune into the /radio
  • Fixed overdose bug to avoid losing weapons after being arrested
  • Many bugfixes and other QoL changes

For full changelog details please visit the forums or type /changelog in-game. You may also check our Roadmap!

Thank you and have fun!

- The CnR:NG Team