Version 1.9.2 - Happy Halloween!

1 year ago

Hello there!

Version 1.9.2 is released and It is the Halloween season! 

CnR:NG Version 1.9.2 - Changelog

New Features

Vehicle Insurance

  • Added vehicle insurances
  • Players may visit any Insurance Lot to insure their vehicles for a daily fee
  • Insured vehicles may be reclaimed (respawned) at any Insurance Lot for a fee
  • Use /vehicleinsurance for more information

Halloween 2022

  • Halloween themed and activities
  • Zombiessss!
  • Pumpkin hunting and gifts
  • New halloween loading screen by jinnosuke
  • Halloween 2022 stats

Other New Features 

  • New HD Map by bybowlingforsoups & AothsA team
  • Improved HUD; new health/armor icons and your skill is now reflected in the HUD
  • Added small chance of partial tax evasion 
  • Added a new 24/7 Store in Paleto Bay
  • Added Bus Driver mission for civilians
  • Added NG Radio Studio as a walk-in location
  • New vehicles added: NG Radio Van & Emergency Services SUV (special thanks to DustyFlop)
  • Suspension: Repeated and excessive police brutality/Cop DM will automatically suspend players from playing as police officer/paramedic.

Gameplay Changes

Gameplay Balancing

  • Taxes: Reduced the rate for property taxes for balancing purposes
  • Taxes: Pay fewer taxes and the payment is based on your financial activity. This aims to make the gameplay more fun for the more casual player.
  • Increased robbery payouts. It should be more balanced based on the high-risk, high-reward
  • Increased death row threshold - it should be twice as harder to meet the death row criteria
  • Added extended clips and some other weapons and components to all Ammunations sales pool
  • Taxes: Reduced the rate for property taxes for balancing purposes
  • Donating Players now have a 75% wealth tax discount instead of a 100%
  • Enlisting as a temporary police/paramedic has reworked conditions including the number of cops online and the player's past crimes. The cooldown for re-enlisting has also been increased.
  • Reworked total wealth calculation when using /moneyinfo.
  • Completely disabled aim assist when using controllers
  • Reviewed and adjusted vehicle prices at the car dealerships and lowered from 3 to 2 gamedays the vehicle's rotation.
  • Fine-tuned the amount of ammo that players keep if they are arrested and own a weapon license (65% of ammo is kept). Melee weapons are removed.
  • Reduced melee damage
  • Changes to some weapons and their components (No more barrel magazines for SMGs)

Other Stuff:

  • Added darker orange color for Most Wanted felons (wanted level 9 and 10);
  • Police Officers have a new blue color to distinguish themselves in chat from other gameplay information (e.g. arrests)
  • Bus mission adjustments and hot-fixes
  • The command /insuranceinformation (/ii) has been reworked to better explain the types of insurance
  • Fix some stats being incremented wrong
  • Added limited vehicles for events
  • Fixed boat dealerships menus not working properly
  • Added drug icon next to the item in /inventory.
  • Improved the readability of fire calls for paramedics
  • Tweaked a few 10-codes to include the new robberies (10-99, 10-128, 10-129, 10-130, 10-135)
  • Fixed all the animations not working and added 2 new dancing animations #thxdevs
  • Many bugfixes and other QoL changes
  • Added ATM to the new City Hall
  • Added FIB Frogger to the PD garage and added a few new vehicles spawns around the city
  • Lowered drug production death chances and drug production crime detection range. Cops get to patrolling!
  • Additional checks to make robberies go smooth and track their completion status
  • Increased brightness by a bit within the new City Hall during a blackout
  • Stability improvements for garages
  • QoL: Tweaked mini-notification above the minimap on the number of items left
  • Fixed minimap blip names whilst in the pause menu


For full changelog details please visit the forums or type /changelog in-game. Make sure to check our Roadmap to stay up to date on what is planned for the upcoming versions.

Thank you and have fun!

- The CnR:NG Team