Version 1.7 is out!

11 months ago

Hello everyone and we hope you are doing well!

Version 1.7 is finally out: new robberies, new mechanics and many quality of life features. 

CnR:NG Version 1.7 - Changelog

Version 1.7 highlights are below.

New Features

New Robberies

  • Power Plant Robbery: Sabotage one of the Power Plants for a chance to cripple law enforcement's awareness of crimes at the city due to a blackout!
  • Jewelry Store Robbery: Vangelico Jewelry Store Heist, at the heart of Rockford Hills. High risk-High reward type of robbery.
  • Warehouse Robbery: KACC-like vibes for the old players. Pick up goods (creates) and transport them to your vehicle!
  • Ship Robbery: Break into the Bridge of the ship and steal the safe. Watch out for the ship crew!
  • Bonus Robbery Locations: Random location every few gamedays that will give a bonus to whoever rob it first as well as for cops for patrolling the location. Use /robinfo for detailed information on the bonus robbery location.

Property System Reworked

  • Default property prices are now calculated based on interior, exterior, the area where the property is in and the number of times it had been purchased before
  • Property interior and exterior will determine which upgrades are available for it (both property and garage), the money storage capacity it will have, as well as break-in chances
  • There is now a maximum of 2 co-owners and 10 key holders per property
  • Co-owners will be charged 50% of property taxes
  • Removed 100+ properties

Improved New Player Experience

  • Re-organized /faq into categories
  • Added the full list of commands (/commands, /cmds)
  • Added the full list of 10-codes (/codes, /tencodes)

Improved LS Customs & Vehicle Modifications

  • Reworked vehicle coloring system using [R, G, B]
  • Vehicles will now always spawn with the normal paint type
  • Vehicle colors, liveries and other features should now save properly in garages
  • Added Xenon Lights to LS Customs

Gameplay Changes

Gameplay Balancing

  • Reset everyone's money and properties. Reset markets and week number
  • Significantly nerfed the Nokota damage
  • Lowered the arrest range significantly, increased arrest evasion immunity (exiting vehicles and attacking police officers)
  • Crew robberies now automatically consider the closest group members to be part of the robbery. /crew will be used to toggle crew mode and automatic splitting
  • Lowered the weapon prices
  • The Death Row will only take 1 life insurance per execution. You will also be forced to pay bail upon death as blood money.
  • Resisting Arrest and Evading Arrest are now two separate crimes:
    • Resisting Arrest will only be triggered upon attacking a cop as a felon. Felons resisting arrest may surrender but without cooperation benefits.
    • Evading Arrest will be triggered upon cancelling surrendering or being asked to pull over several times as a felon.
  • Cop DM and Unauthorized Use of Deadly Force (UUDF) are now two separate offenses. UUDF punishments will be issued upon killing passive and/or unarmed felons that should be arrested
  • Reduced NPC vehicle density
  • Remove MGs from the game

Other Stuff:

  • Added /dice to jail cells
  • Sirens on modded vehicles (Police T20 & Cheetah Classic) are now audible
  • Added missing police stations
  • Added fire station spawns and removed out-of-city spawns for paramedics
  • Added a line-of-sight check for kidnapping and player robbery
  • Tweaked Benny's Heist and LifeInvader Heist
  • Changed some map blips
  • New location for the Home Delivery mission
  • Slightly increase home delivery mission rewards
  • Slightly reduced the rewards for cargo delivery and sieges
  • Added some customized billboards in Mission Row
  • Added /neon for donating players
  • Many bugfixes and other QoL changes


A big shout-out to our Community Contributors Ducati (mapping) and DustyFlop (modded vehicles)!

For full changelog details please visit the forums or type /changelog in-game. 

Thank you and have fun!

- The CnR:NG Team