Two-in-one: Version 1.8 and 1.8.1 are here!

1 year ago

Hello everyone and we hope you are doing well! Version 1.8 and 1.8.1 are finally here!  #ThxDevs

We had the intention of releasing version 1.8 earlier, but due to the complexity of the features and the extensive balancing required, combined with the limited availability of our development team, unfortunately, it was not possible. Furthermore, as we move forward with the CnR:NG project we will be focusing on smaller, but more frequent updates. Stay tuned!

CnR:NG Version 1.8 and 1.8.1 - Changelog

New Features

New Weapon System

  • New /weaponinventory (/weapinv, /winv) - you may check and discard weapons and/or components.
  • The prices and damages for all weapons have been adjusted for better gameplay balance.
  • Ammunations will sell a limited set of weapons. Different Ammunations can sell different weapons and weapon components but there are a lot of weapons and components that are only obtainable from Gunrunners. Ammo refill options include: 100x, 250x, and 500x.
  • Weapons of the same type no longer share ammo. E.g. if you buy Pistol with 250 ammo and Ceramic Pistol with 100 ammo, you'll have the Pistol with 250 ammo in the Ceramic Pistol with 100 ammo, not 350 ammo for both pistols.

Reworked Gunrunner skill

The Gunrunner skill finally received its long and overdue rework. Special thanks to Vega for setting up a solid base for this modernization.

  • Removed the "Weapon Credits" system used by Gunrunners.
  • Added Arms Cache restocking mission for Gunrunners.
  • Gunrunners have access to exclusive weapons that are not sold in Ammunations through the new Arms Caches restock mission
  • Gunrunners can refill weapons and components in Ammunations but only the items that are available at a given store.
  • Removed 100+ properties

Arms Caches (Gunrunner Restock) 

  • Arms Caches (/caches) are weapon production sites that are temporarily available for Gunrunners (first come, first served!).
  • Gunrunners will need to restock their inventory on Arms Cache around the map (300+ locations!) before selling to other players.
  • Arms Caches will be available from time to time and will have randomized weapons and/or components available for production. They will rotate frequently.

Weapon Licenses

With the recent changes to gunrunning and weapons in general, we wanted to implement Weapon Licenses as means for Gunrunners to sell their weapons legally to law enforcement and also a way for civilians to keep their weapons when arrested.

  • Weapon Licenses are obtainable at City Hall. There is a daily tax for renewal.
  • If you have a Weapon License, you can keep your weapons and limited ammo when you are arrested and released from jail.
  • If you are Gunrunner and have a Weapon License, you may sell your items to law enforcement officers.
  • As a Gunrunner with a Weapon License, you can sell your items to civilians without increasing the wanted level for both you and the buyer.
  • When selling weapons with a valid Weapon License, a small % is taken as a legalization fee.
  • You lose your Weapon License on Death Row or if you fail to pay its renewal fees.

New Police Vehicles by DustyFlop

The Police fleet has been redesigned in partnership with DustyFlop. The new lore-friendly police vehicles have improved performance and are equipped with bullet-resistant windows.

(Special thanks to Jerry521 for the showcase video)

Gameplay Changes

Gameplay Balancing

  • Attacking a Police Officer is now considered a felony
    • Added Crime: Assault on a Peace Officer (+3 Wanted Level). Attacking Law Enforcement ONCE will trigger this crime.
    • Added Crime: Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer (+6 Wanted Level - Felony). Continued attacks on Law Enforcement will trigger this crime.
  • New weapons at the PD refill and new vehicles at PD garage. Prices have been adjusted.
  • Stun Gun is now available for temporary cops
  • Phantom & Hauler Custom and some aircraft were nerfed considerably
  • Lowered the weapon prices
  • Disabled stealth killing & firetruck water cannon
  • Added cooldowns on healing methods (medkits, adrenaline pills, medic healing, etc.)
  • Removed some overpowered weapons from drive-by
  • Disabled ATMs on blackout
  • Remove MGs from the game

Other Stuff:

  • Added /givecar (/carkeys) to give your vehicle keys to another player
  • Added The Criminal Enterprise DLC content including 2 new weapons, 9 ped skins, and 18 new vehicles
  • Customization is very important so we decided to enable the Custom freemode skins for everyone
  • NG Radio - DJs may mark themselves as live and /radio will show their information when live
  • Added bollards to the entrance of stores and robbery locations
  • New custom clothing items for groups/gangs
  • Changed the colors of /pm and /gm
  • Slightly increased payouts and rewards in general (trucking, hunting, tournament bonus, other)
  • Small color modifications to the police radio messages
  • Increased timer for canceling various missions if not inside the vehicle
  • Added new cargo and new restaurant locations
  • Gunrunners QoL: when in the /price menu, a textbox with the current market price for a weapons/component is displayed
  • Fixed several bugs regarding Power Plant robberies
  • Fixed the bugs regarding stun guns and fire extinguishers
  • Many bugfixes and other QoL changes


For full changelog details please visit the forums or type /changelog in-game. You may also check our Roadmap!

Thank you and have fun!

- The CnR:NG Team