The CnR:NG Halloween Update Is Here.

6 months ago

Happy Halloween!

The Halloween update is upon us with a multitude of seasonal features and challenges throughout the world of CnR:NG! First, pumpkins have been seen throughout San Andreas. Sources say the 1st person who finds them receives gifts such as money, life insurance and other items, happy searching! In addition, zombies have been spotted roaming the streets of LS. Track them using /zombies and take them down for the greater good and you will also receive a reward for your work! Stats relating to the Halloween update will be saved and be viewable at

Intelligence images of what to look out for!

Halloween decorations have been put up at City Hall in Rockford Hills for you to enjoy and immerse yourself in the holiday. Furthermore, Spooky weather will periodically haunt San Andreas throughout the course of the festivities. Finally, the admin team will hold events and give gifts on the server so be nice to them for something in return! We hope you enjoy the haunted world of CnR:NG as we move into the holiday season!

 Special thanks to Ducati for the City Hall decorations! 

A number of other changes have also been made in regards to balancing and bug fixes as listed below:

  •  Gameweeks have been added to the server that last from Sunday 00:00 to Saturday 23:59, these weeks last 3.5 hours long in real time, server restarts have not been changed and are still at 06:00 UTC everyday.
  • The Server Rules have been updated to reflect the changes in gameplay due to the new gameweek in regards to revenge and retaliation.  Make sure to read it here or in-game with /rules.
  • Arrests from vehicles have been removed and police officers are now unable to arrest for 2 seconds if shot at by a felon.
  • Adjustments have been made to tax mechanics, Grand Theft Auto and train missions as well as other minor changes and fixes.

A detailed list of changes can be read at our forums or with /changelog in game.

-CnR:NG team