New Cars & New Heights

9 months ago

The CnR:NG air ran thick with the smell of burning rubber and gasoline this weekend as a range of highly customized cars were put on display, prizes were won, and player-count milestones were smashed in the second server-wide car show hosted by the LSM group and members of the CnR:NG Team.


New cars with new customization options

In the last two weeks, CnR:NG has had two quick-fire releases that have updated the GTA version our server runs on.

For you, this added a variety of new cars to the game, many of which are highly customizable, with many great examples of the customization possible demonstrated at the car show. From the exciting new Comet S2 Cabrio to the highly customizable Buffalo STX muscle car, you'll find the new cars available to purchase at Premium Deluxe Motorsport. 


Car Show

On Sunday, daily profit targets (and lots of cars!) were smashed at Los Santos Customs as many of you grabbed the keys to your favourite car and headed downtown to make some last minute customizations ahead of the car show. After a brief pre-show in Richman, you all (with no incidents!) drove in convoy to the Sisyphus Theater to face the judges!

After a few laps around the judging area, seeing each car in the sun and at night, the judges were able to select a top 3.

Congratulations to:

1st: Azuma & their Weevil, winning $15m in-game and 3 months Donating Player status

2nd: DARKY(EST) & their Viseris, winning $10m in-game and 2 months Donating Player status

3rd: Quantivious & their Calico GTF, winning $5m in-game and 1 month of Donating Player status

If you missed the event, you can catch up by looking at the great screenshots posted by our community in the #media channel in our Discord and by watching these great videos by two members of our community:


Growth & Community

Lots of you have noticed and commented on the incredible period of growth that our community has seen recently. We've massively increased our average peak-time player count and over the weekend we broke our all-time high player count, breaking the 100 barrier for the first time before peaking at 115. I'd like to personally congratulate the community on this milestone, we wouldn't have made it without your engagement and support. 

As we move forward with our next stage of development and growth, we'd like to introduce a couple of initiatives to allow us to become more (sticking with the car theme...) Community Driven. 

We're still working on what this means and what our goals are, but the first step will be a server-wide player survey which will be available to you all very soon.