Enjoy the Holidays in C&R:NG!

6 months ago

Season Greetings!

We have an emergency that can ruin Christmas! Santa has lost his team of reindeer in Los Santos and needs to get them back! To help him use /reindeer to find an approximate location of one of them, then hit them with a snowball provided to you and catch them for him. We have received word that Santa will be very thankful for your help and reward you generously for your effort!

In the meantime while you catch his reindeer, Santa has delegated his duties to you the players during the event! Periodically, a player will be chosen to act as Santa for a time and give gifts to other players on the server; do this by using the command /santa. Try your best to give out the most gifts! Gifts from Santa can also be found at Christmas trees around the map, use /tree near them to receive gifts, in addition the admin team will also be giving the server gifts! All stats related to gifts will be logged and viewable at cnr.ng/stats.

To further the festive mood City Hall in Rockford Hills has been decorated for the holidays and a forecast of unseasonably cool, snowy and blustery weather will hit San Andreas for the duration of the event.

Thank You to Ducati for his hard work on the Gift Pickups and City Hall.

A full list of changes to the gamemode for Version 1.5 can be found here.


Happy Holidays and we wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

-The C&R:NG Team