CnR:NG Update - Official Beta Testers

5 months ago

Hello everyone!

First of all we want to thank everyone that has taken part in the testing of CnR:NG. Many of you have provided us with a lot of bug reports and feedback which our Dev Team has used to fix a lot of issues. We greatly appreciate this.

We have however realized that we've let a lot of players into the Closed Beta. This created an imbalance between players that focused on testing and reporting bugs, while others were solely focused on playing and attempting to get "an upper hand" for when the server would be publicly released. This is not what we had anticipated. We took a step back to evaluate how we wanted to continue.

Our main goal is to create a Cops and Robbers game mode that is engaging and fun, but also bug free. Because of this, we have decided to move forward with a limited list of Beta Testers. We're doing this so we can focus more on getting the core gameplay features ready and bug free. This will also give our Development Team the best chances of getting the most work done efficiently.

We understand this is disappointing to some but at the same time, we hope you all understand our decision in wanting to deliver the best CnR experience possible. We're also looking into other ways to allow more players in. If you don't want to miss any of this, be sure to join our Official Discord!

Beta Testers

So without further ado, here are our Official Beta Testers:

  • coliowned
  • Alexi
  • Ducati
  • stepoop
  • 【QNVN】
  • keshRRR
  • evike
  • KHattu
  • foz
  • Tank
  • Zourth
  • sai
  • DustyFlop
  • Chuky
  • assassin
  • kagura
  • odysseus
  • 50centaur
  • Tijnó
  • PatMueirech
  • coLg8
  • altimet
  • kiko
  • iapple.
  • JaiKundu
  • abod
  • Camanis
  • wizzy
  • JustSwift
  • Neotaite
  • matdb
  • Lucas2231
  • DebugClient
  • dufuspaelli
  • Ram
  • Hotbox
  • T-Wrecks
  • Gabru
  • AgentM
  • beatstar
  • paulie


The CnR:NG Team