3 Years of CnR:NG!

2 months ago

Another year of CnR:NG is in the books, and what a rollercoaster it was. On May 4th, 2024, we celebrated our 3-Year Anniversary! As with most Saturdays, the festivities were preceded by the Punkery Show hosted by our "so-called 'Media Guy'", Rashon. After a slight delay, admins held a Rocket League Soccer event that lasted 5 rounds, using Clown Vans and the Apocalypse Scarab. Ultimately, the event ended in a 3-2 score, with Team Jinnosuke taking the victory and each player on the winning team being rewarded 1 million dollars.

Anniversary weekend also included the release of our latest update - Version 3.1. In this update, the dev team addressed some concerns from the community by focusing on game mode balancing, bug fixes, and QoL changes. Additionally, the gifting system made a return, limited-time vehicles were made available in the dealerships, the Battle Rifle was tossed into the weapon pool, and new Police/EMS/Military clothing items were added to customization. Finally, we saw the introduction of the Humane Labs Heist - a dynamic robbery that requires players to enter the lab, neutralize the NPCs within, and secure the captive monkey. Once secured, players will deliver the monkey to safety on Cayo Perico, and collect a handsome payout upon reaching the checkpoint.


With the celebration of our 3-Year anniversary, it is important to take time as well to reflect on the year that was. Introducing the revenge system was quite a major change to the game mode. We created a New Players Hub along with our server tour. The controversy around the taser finally seems to be put to rest after many discussions and iterations. Last September's Car Show saw records in player count - 124 players - as well as radio listeners - 80. We also had our first CnR:NG Purge before the release of version 3.0 in March. Version 3.0 gave everyone a fresh start with a server wide reset and introduced a new Organizations system.

However, amongst all the good times and milestones, the past year has also seen its fair share of lows. Despite the communities' best efforts, we continue to struggle with attracting and retaining players unfamiliar with our complex game mode. Everyone has their own opinions as to why that is and it's important that we continue to work together to identify these issues and correct them so that our server and game mode can flourish. The feedback from the community is crucial and we hope you continue to provide your opinions as we move forward. They are invaluable.


Lastly, we'd like to express our gratitude for your patience and support over the past 3 years. To all our community members and contributors, the CnR:NG Admin Team, and the CnR:NG Dev Team - thank you for continuing to push our community forward.


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- The CnR:NG Team