If you have friends or have made some new friends, you can form a group using /groupcreate [name]. Groups are very useful for communication and robberies. You can invite other members to you group using /groupinvite and you can talk within your group using /groupmessage (/gm). 

Group Commands:
/groupannounce (/gra) - Creates a yellow text announcement at the bottom of the screen for all group members. 
/groupcall (/grcall) - Request the group to your location. 
/groupcreate (/grc) - Create a group with a specific name. 
/groupinfo (/gri) - Lists all members in your group. Same as /grouplist
/groupkick (/grk) - Kicks a specific player out of your group. 
/groupleave (/grl)  - Leave your current group. 
/grouplist (/grlist) - Lists all members in your group. Same as /groupinfo
/groupmessage (/gm) - Message all members in your group. 
/groupname (/grname) - Rename your group. 
/groupowner (/gro) - Re-assigns the owner of the group to another player. 
/groups - Lists all current groups in the server. 


If you are a civilian and wish to rob a location as a group, the group owner can form a crew using /crew. This allows 2-4 players to rob a location together and split the earnings from the robbery. When a crew starts a robbery, all members of the group will receive a wanted level. Crews are allowed to defend each other from law enforcement agents during the robbery and when the crew is delivering the goods to the final destination. Crews are allowed to defend themselves against law enforcement agents who are actively pursuing them. Crews are NOT allowed to attack law enforcement agents before starting a robbery.